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Our Most Popular Seminars
Communication Excellence & Professional Success
Focuses on the most appropriate and effective
use of words to encourage personal success

Leadership &
 Communication Excellence

Learn to establish a vision, set team goals,
conduct meetings, confront problems,
 instill commitment, and reward success

Ethics & Professional Excellence
Assess your ethical use of words
 in professional and personal interactions

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Dr. Brian J. Polansky
Speaker, Author, Consultant, President of Polansky & Associates
Organizational Communication Consultants and Education

Dr. Brian J. Polansky
is an award-winning educator, 
speaker, author, and creator of
   education programs designed to
 encourage professional success
 through communication excellence.


Dr. Polansky is available to speak to
 your professional and civic groups

Association Meetings
Keynote Presentations
In-House Training
Management Retreats
In-Service Training
Continuing Education










"Encouraging Professional Success"


for Arkansas Professionals
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Communication Excellence
Change Your Words, Change Your World
Half-Day Seminar

Classes Start Soon!!!

Tuesday August 15th - Russellville
Thursday August 24th - Little Rock